Choosing the Right Stand For Floor Lamp

A stand for a floor lamp provides a convenient way to store the light bulb and also enables you to position it in a different location in the same room. This makes it easy to change the look of a space and also to tweak the layout of the lamp to best suit the needs of your lifestyle or to accommodate guests who may be coming to visit.

Choosing the right style for your home

There are many types of stand for floor lamp designed to suit different functions and needs. These designs can be very useful for lighting a specific area or to provide general ambient light in a room, which is particularly suitable for living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms.

Traditional standing lamps and pharmacy lamps typically feature a tall lamp base which holds a lamp shade that emits upward and downward light with parts of it shining out to the sides. The lamp shades can be drum/barrel shaped or slightly narrower at the top than at the bottom and can be positioned in several different ways depending on their design and the function of the lamp.

Other styles of standing floor lamp can be more modern. They can be taller, more substantial and have more elaborate styling than their traditional counterparts. This can help to create a more contemporary appearance in a living room or dining area, or can help to make a statement in an office or bedroom.

Arched arc lamps are another popular type of stand for floor lamp that feature a long “arc” which extends out from the pole and which hangs a lamp shade at the end of it. These are particularly useful over a couch or chair and can add a stylish element to the room’s decor.

Tiffany-style tiffany floor lamps feature stained glass that is crafted to produce beautiful radiance and color when light shines through it. These are often a good choice for bedrooms or a casual living area as they can reflect the natural light in the room to provide soft illumination.

Tree floor lamps are an alternative design which features 3 or more distinct bulbs or arms that form a “tree”. These are a more unique and striking option for the modern room, resembling a branch of a tree, with each arm or bulb symbolically hosting a short section of light which is positioned in a different direction.

Other designs include octopus lamps with multiple arms that can be adjusted and aimed in various directions. These can be highly colorful and are generally smaller or lower wattage.

A halogen floor lamp is one of the oldest kinds of floor lamps and it is still quite popular although it does run hot and can be difficult to touch with your fingers as the oils from your fingers can cause the light bulb to break. However, these bulbs do tend to last longer and be very bright.

Alternatively, there is a more recent type of floor lamp called a torchiere which casts most of its light upward towards the ceiling so that it reflects off the ceiling to spread ambient light throughout the room. This is a great solution for any room which requires a more focused or diffused light, and especially for a dining room as this type of lamp can be placed out of the way in a corner where foot traffic and activities like sitting around the table might be taking place.